Native AIR is an asthma education program for reservation-based Native American adults & children.

Montana State University Extension Service Housing & Environmental Quality Program
 is coordinating the program entitled Native AIR ( Asthma Intervention & Reduction). The goals and objectives of this project focus on helping children understand asthma triggers and take action to prevent and/or control asthma. On each of the seven reservations in Montana the children will be given a packet of asthma educational materials to be utilized with their parents cooperation. The materials will aid the adults and children with assessing their home for asthma triggers and how to prevent and control those asthma triggers. To assure asthma triggers are kept in check, children will be also be provided with a fun Asthma Journal to develop an asthma-reduction action plan and to record all daily aspects of their progress.

Native AIR is a three-year effort, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, now into its second year. Currently, Project Community Leaders, on each reservation, are looking into creative ways of reaching the youth in their communities about asthma and the asthma triggers that may exist in their homes. Strong partnerships are being formed along the way with organizations and agencies such as 4-H youth groups, Boys & Girls Club, Early Head Start, and more. Area meetings will be held in order to educate the children (and anyone else who would like to learn easy ways to eliminate asthma triggers in their own home) about asthma meanwhile encouraging them to spread the knowledge they've gained from Native AIR. To find out who you can contact in your area if you're interesting in learning more about asthma or the Native AIR project, click here!




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g Native AIR (Asthma Intervention & Reduction)
This effort is funded by the 
U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development - Healthy Homes & Lead Hazard Control